Uniform Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to select items from the same brand/collection to ensure color match. Returns will not be accepted for mismatched brands.

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Why are we doing this?
Based on best practice, personal experiences, and comments provided by patients and their families, we know that it is important to clearly identify each of the care providers who are involved with our patients. A safe and satisfying patient experience depends on clear communication with clinical and nonclinical personnel. To achieve this, patients and their families need to easily identify staff members and their roles.

How will patients and families know what each color means?
From the time of arrival to the time of departure, patients will be educated on the color-coded uniforms using multiple communication channels (color coded guides, posters, visual displays, and video) strategically placed throughout the hospital in areas where patients frequently travel.

Who will be required to wear color coded scrubs and uniforms?
Employed staff members working in an area, department or function that provides direct patient care.

How will I order my scrubs?
In order to provide MHS staff with discounted, volume based pricing, MHS has entered into a contractual agreement with uniform apparel company. As a result, MHS employees can purchase scrubs, lab coats, and uniforms directly from online store created specifically for MHS member staff.

Where will I pick up my ordered uniform?
Uniforms ordered through the online uniform store will be shipped directly the employed staff members home or preferred address.

Will I have to wear a specific brand of scrubs?
Yes, in order to maintain color continuity and to reduce color confusion created difference in color from one brand to the next, Cherokee is the only brand that MHS employees will be permitted to wear.

What are the guidelines for garments worn under scrubs?
Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts may be worn under scrubs in either white or black.

Will scrub pants have to be the same color as scrub tops or just coordinated?
Black scrub pants are an acceptable option if not wearing the primary role based color. This provides all staff members, with the exception of Radiology whose primary color is black, with two pant color options. To provide Radiology staff members with a second pant color option, Radiology staff members will, in addition to black, be permitted to wear khaki pant bottoms.

Can I wear other MHS embroidered clothing, such as apparel given to me by Human Resources, over my scrubs?
The primary goal of the new uniform program is to help our patients and their families identify their care providers, therefore, the outermost piece of clothing worn by an employed staff member must a scrub top or scrub jacket in employed staff members primary role based color. Wearing anything else, such as an MHS embroidered sweater issued by Human Resources, is prohibited since it limits the ability of patients to identify employed staff members by color.

Will scrub jackets be provided as part of the uniform? If not, will employees have to purchase them on their own? What are the color guidelines?
The one-time stipend provided to employed staff members can be used however the employed staff member chooses, however, it is strongly suggested that the stipend is first used to purchase scrub sets (top and bottom). If an employed staff member decides to purchase a scrub jacket, then the scrub jacket must be purchased in the employee’s primary role based color.

Many employees currently wear scrubs although their job does not require it; will they be allowed to continue to wear scrubs?
The primary goal of the new uniform program is to help our patients and their families identify their care providers. With this in mind, employed staff members not required to wear scrubs in the course of their job are asked not to wear scrubs if they are working in an area, department or function that provides direct patient care.

What are the scrub options for pregnant staff?
There are four scrub options:

1. Maternity scrub styles, in the employees respective color, available from Cherokee Workwear Original and Cherokee Workwear Premium.
2. Black maternity scrub pants and a larger jacket in the correct color along with a maternity shirt or larger scrub top to be worn under the jacket.
3. Black maternity scrub pants and a larger mock wrap tunic that can be tied/loosened in the back to accommodate the pending newborn.
4. Larger size scrubs in their respective color.

If I would like additional uniform sets, how can I purchase them?
Employees can purchase additional matching uniform sets from the online store. The online store was created specifically for MHS employees and can be used at any time by fulfill scrub/uniform needs.

What are the options for employees who are required to wear skirts for religious reasons or would prefer to wear skirts?
Employees can purchase skirts in their respective colors or black to wear with their designated scrub tops.

What does the unit secretary uniform look like?
The uniform consists of a khaki colored scrub jacket.

When will I need to start wearing the color coded scrubs/uniform?
All employees must be in compliance of the new uniform program on their first day of work.

How will I know what size to order?
Please refer to the size chart that is located at the top left of every product page. Alternatively, you can click < here to view the size chart.

If I am not one of the disciplines required to wear color coded scrubs, can I wear any color I choose?
Please be mindful that the goal is to create clarity. All staff members not included in this initial roll-out are discouraged from wearing the specified colors.

By requiring uniforms to be embroidered with MHS’s logo, does MHS face undue legal risk if an employee who is wearing a uniform commits an illegal or morally questionable act?
People wear all sorts of attire that displays logos of different organizations, including the sweatshirts we provide as a welcome gift to new employees after they are here a few months. The embroidered logos should not give rise to undue legal risk, but for many reasons employees should limit their use of the uniforms to times when they are at work or on route to or from work.